What Should I Be for Halloween?

Every year I go through my “what should I be for Halloween?” phase right around the end of September.  Thoughts of great Halloween costumes start popping into my mind around mid-summer, but this is when I get serious and start to really focus on coming up with a great costume idea.

I’m like a little kid.  I love Halloween.  Absolutely love it!  It’s that one time of year when everyone lets out their silliest, scariest, craziest, most creative self and no one looks at them funny.  But if there are so many fun choices and great ideas, how do you ever decide “What should I be for Halloween?

Halloween By The Numbers

When I was younger, costume picking was the highlight of the month, next to the trick-or-treating.  I was a fairy queen one Halloween, making flowers grow with my plastic light-up wand.  A witch the next, cackling and yelling out spells, chasing the family dog around the yard (my nose fell off because I was really sweaty by the time everyone was ready to go out for treats).  But my favorite costume from those years was Supergirl.  I wanted her because she had a cape.  I helped little kids who lost their candy to the big kids.  Another great thing about Halloween — it’s almost as if you become whatever you dress up to be.

As a teenager, nobody wants to admit it, but dressing up for Halloween is still great.  We griped about having to wear a costume to take our younger siblings out trick or treating but deep down inside, we loved it.  Wearing a fancy costume adds to the fun of Halloween.

What Should I be for Halloween this Year?

This year, there is an infinite supply of inspiration.  The new superhero movies – CaptainAmerica, Thor, Green Lantern – are great choices.  Or you can let out your inner Potterhead and dress up like a Hogwarts student, a professor, even a Death Eater!  You can go glam like your fave Hollywood celebrity or pull a Lady Gaga and put on anything that catches your fancy.

The list of costume possibilities is endless.  You could be an angel, a demon, a superhero, Indiana Jones, or a zombie.  You could dye your hair (temporarily of course!), wear a mask, or wear fancy makeup.  You can buy a costume or make one yourself at home.  You can coordinate with a group of friends so that you have matching costumes.

Whatever you choose to be for Halloween, the most important thing is to have lots of fun.  Go to holiday parties.  Do some fun stuff and take part in activities with your friends!  Make a few Halloween crafts to get yourself in the mood.  You have to love being in your costume.  You have to be creative.  Don’t be afraid to let your true genius shine through your costume.  And if all else fails, you could always tell everyone that you’re dressing up as yourself for Halloween.

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